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Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - January 29, 2021

New updates

There are no new updates to share this week. Please see below for a recap of published announcements.

Previous announcements

Oops! You may have noticed we missed publishing last week’s recap. To make up for it, below we’re including announcements published on the Workspace Updates blog in the past two weeks. Please refer to the original blog posts for complete details.

Resize the Chat and Rooms sections in Gmail on the web
You can now resize the Chat and Rooms sections in the left-side navigation of Gmail on the web. | Learn more.

Quickly navigate to active cells and ranges with the new range name box in Google Sheets
We’re adding a range name box, located to the left of the formula bar, to improve navigation in Google Sheets. | Learn more.

Enable offline support for Google Calendar on web from your computer
You can now enable offline support for Google Calendar on Google Chrome from your computer. | Learn more.

Better privacy when screen sharing with muted web notifications
Now when you’re sharing your screen, Chrome will automatically hide the content of web pop-up notifications. This includes notifications from Google Chat, email notifications, and other third party websites. | Learn more.

Out of office information will now display when replying to or mentioning a user in a Google Docs comment
In Google Docs, you’ll now see out of office information when replying to or mentioning other users in a comment. | Learn more.

Control background replacement in Google Meet with a new admin setting
We’re adding the ability for admins to enable or disable the use of custom or preset backgrounds in Google Meet for meetings organized by an organizational unit (OU) level. | Learn more.

Indirect membership visibility and membership hierarchy APIs now generally available
We’re making it easier to identify, audit, and understand indirect group membership via the Cloud Identity Groups API. Specifically, we’re making the membership visibility and membership hierarchy APIs generally available. | Available to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus, as well as G Suite Enterprise for Education and Cloud Identity Premium customers. | Learn more.

source http://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2021/01/release-notes-01-29-2021.html

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