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2021 Computer Science Grants Awarded to New Zealand Educators

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we support Kiwi teachers and ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. A recent survey of Kiwi teachers revealed that only 7% had the knowledge and skills to introduce computer science (CS) curriculum in the classroom. Understanding, creating and using technology are critical skills for all students and teachers, regardless of where in Aotearoa they live. 

Google’s Educator PD Grants program has been running in New Zealand since 2011 and, in that time, has trained over 20,000 teachers. The program aims to equip teachers through practical professional development workshops, with the skills and resources they need to confidently teach computational thinking and computer science concepts in new and exciting ways. 

The impact of PD Grants for Educators

One of the workshops to benefit from the grants is CS4HS

CS4HS workshops aim to support teachers to build their skills in STEM and digital technologies, to find creative ways to deliver lessons in the classroom and to tap into the enthusiasm that many students have for technology.

Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh is the organiser of CS4HS, which has received funding from Google since 2013. 

“The purpose of the conference is to upskill our valuable high school educators by presenting ideas to engage students with new technologies so students can be better equipped for the needs of twenty-first century learning and jobs,” Dr Mahsa says. “We have heard year after year from teachers how valuable the workshop is for them and for some it is the only professional development in the year.” 

We’re excited to announce the following 2021 CS Educator Grants Awardees, who, like Mahsa, will motivate and inspire educators around New Zealand.

2021 CS Educator Grants Funding Recipients in New Zealand

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