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Customize the color of your folders and shortcuts to folders in Google Drive

What’s changing 

You can now customize the color of folders in shared drives, and shortcuts to folders. Previously, it was only possible to customize the color of folders in My Drive. 

Shared drives empower teams and organizations to store, access, and collaborate on files. Shortcuts are pointers to files that are stored in another folder or in another drive, which make it easy to surface content without creating copies of files. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins, end users, and developers 

Why you’d use it 

Assigning colors to specific folders can help you visually organize your Google Drive. For example, you can assign colors to your most important folders, making it easier to quickly navigate to them in Drive. 

Note: Custom folder colors in My Drive, shared drives, and shortcuts are only visible to you. 

Getting started 

  • Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. 
  • Developers: You can use the Drive API to set folder colors. 
  • End users: There is no end user setting for this feature. Visit the Help Center to learn more about customizing folder colors

Rollout pace 

Google Drive on web 

Google Drive on mobile 
  • Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on June 3, 2021. 
  • Note: Requires app version 2.21.20 and up for Android and 4.2021.20204 and up for iOS 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers, and users with personal Google Accounts 


source http://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2021/06/custom-colors-for-folders-and-shortcuts-in-google-drive.html

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