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Find admin approved applications in the “Approved for you” section in the Google Workspace Marketplace

What’s changing 

The new “Approved for You” section in the Google Workspace Marketplace allows users to quickly see and install applications that have been approved and allowlisted by their admins. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins and end users 

Why it’s important 

Admins can specify which third-party apps their users can install from the Google Workspace Marketplace. With the addition of the “Approved for you” section in the Marketplace, users can quickly find and install pre-approved apps for Gmail, Drive, Editors, Calendar, and more. 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 


  • Available to Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, and Nonprofits, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers 
  • Not available to Google Workspace Essentials and Frontline customers 


source http://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2021/06/approved-for-you-section-google-workspace-marketplace.html

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