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Extending Google Drive user blocking to include comments and mentions

Quick launch summary 

Earlier this year, we enabled users to block another user in Google Drive. If blocked, the user will not be able to share any Drive items with you, and items owned by the user will not be able to be shared with you or be shown when you’re browsing Google Drive. 

Now, we’re enhancing this feature by also preventing notifications when there’s an @-mention between you and a blocked user in comments or action items on Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. This block will apply to both email and in-app notifications. This will make the feature more predictable and comprehensive. 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers. 


source http://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2021/11/google-drive-user-block-comments-mention.html

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