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Sportsnet invites fans to 'Watch a Leafs Game with Steve Dangle' through new interactive livestream on YouTube

YouTube has long been a popular destination for sports content. From game highlights to athlete interviews to sports news coverage, fans come to the platform to stay up-to-date on all the sports they know and love, and in Canada that sport is often hockey. Meanwhile, Sportsnet - the home of hockey in Canada - continues to innovate with their live hockey rights by delivering content to fans in new and unique ways across multiple platforms. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to share that YouTube and Sportsnet have teamed up to bring even more hockey action to Canadians. 

Throughout the 2021-2022 regular NHL season, hockey fans can now ‘Watch a Leafs Game with Steve Dangle’ every Saturday night on the Sportsnet YouTube channel. Viewers will also enjoy several only-on-YouTube features as part of the livestream, including the live chat feature and in-game polls, allowing fans to interact with the host and each other throughout the game. Fans who missed the livesteam will also be able to watch it back, any time on the Sportsnet YouTube channel. 

Renowned by hockey fans for his exuberant reaction videos, and fresh weekly video series’ like Hat-Picks, Dang-Its, and Trade Trees, Sportsnet’s Steve Dangle has built a dedicated, loyal community of followers on YouTube like few other sports content creators. The debut of ‘Watch a Game with Steve Dangle’ throughout the 2021 NHL Playoffs generated nearly 5 million views on YouTube. This season, Watch a Leafs Game with Steve Dangle will air 23 times throughout the regular season, during every Saturday night Leafs game on Hockey Night in Canada on Sportsnet. All livestreams begin at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. 

  • Saturday, Nov 20, Pittsburgh @ Toronto 
  • Saturday, Dec 4, Toronto @ Minnesota 
  • Saturday, Dec 11, Chicago @ Toronto 
  • Saturday, Dec 18, Toronto @ Vancouver
  • Saturday, Jan 1, Toronto @ Seattle 
  • Saturday, Jan 8, Toronto @ Colorado 
  • Saturday, Jan 15, Toronto @ St. Louis 
  • Saturday, Jan 22, NY Islanders @Toronto 
  • Saturday, Jan 29, Toronto @ Detroit 
  • Saturday, Feb 26, Detroit @ Toronto 
  • Saturday, Mar 5, Vancouver @ Toronto 
  • Saturday, Mar 19, Toronto @ Nashville 
  • Saturday, April 2, Toronto @ Montreal 
  • Saturday, April 9, Toronto @ Philadelphia 
  • Saturday, April 16, Montreal @ Toronto 
  • Saturday, April 22, Toronto @ Florida 


source http://canada.googleblog.com/2021/11/sportsnet-invites-fans-to-watch-leafs.html

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